Morales & Besa held a successful meeting to debate about Public Policies in Gender Diversity: Present and Future

January 10, 2019


Great enthusiasm and an interesting debate between the audience and panelists, was given on Thursday, January 10 during the second day of our Ciclo de Conversaciones: Diversidad en el Mercado Laboral (Public Policies in Gender Diversity: Present and Future) organized by the Diversity Committee of Morales & Besa. In this instance Alejandra Sepúlveda, Executive President of the ComunidadMujer and Rosario Arriagada, lawyer of the Department of Legal Reforms of the Ministry of Women and Gender Equity, approached from different points of view around the topic: “Public Policies on Gender Diversity: Present and Future”.

During the panel discussion, the executive director of the ComunidadMujer, Alejandra Sepúlveda, highlighted the progress that has been made about the gender subject in the country, and how the feminist movement arose last year helped to promote these changes. “The cultural change is slow  and challenging:nowadays women do the double or triple of a workday because we are always thinking on what is happening in our house or with the children. In this sense , the draft of law are more than a simple impulse, they are fundamental” she said.

On her side, Rosario Arriagada, legal advisor of the Minister, exposed about the draft of law that are currently in process and have a special relevance in gender equity  matters, such as the universal access to childcare, extension of the maternal immunity to the female officers of the national armed forces, the typification of the crime of femicide and the crime of sexual harassment against women in public spaces, as well as bills in which the Ministry of Women is currently working and which have a special importance to facilitate the economic autonomy of the latter.