Katannya Jablonski V.

Mrs. Jablonski has focused her practice on the areas of energy and natural resources, regulated markets and concessions, and general corporate matters.

She joined Morales & Besa in 2010.

Master of Laws, LL.M., in Public Law, Universidad de Chile (c).

Licentiate in Legal and Social Sciences, Universidad de Chile School of Law (2012)

Licentiate in History, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso History Faculty  (2001)

Admitted to the Chilean Bar (2012)


Teaching assistant of Introduction to Law (2004-2009); History of Law Philosophy (2004-2010); Procedure Law (2008 to date); Mining Law (2008 to date); and Public Works Concession Thesis Workshop (2011 to date) at the Universidad de Chile School of Law

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