Fernando Arab participates in “Labor Radiography” seminar, where the first effects of the implementation of the new Labour Reform law were analyzed

June 15, 2017

After two months since the new Labor Reform Law came into effect, debate and some concern have already been generated within companies, especially those that will have to negotiate under the new regulations in the coming months. Taking this scenario into account, Fernando Arab,  partner of Morales & Besa, together with distinguished professionals, was invited to discuss these issues at “Labor Radiography” seminar, organized by Duoc UC and the Carlos Vial Espantoso Foundation, which gathered human resources managers and Union leaders of important companies of the country.

Under the title “The knots and joints”, this activity began, where Fernando Arab, during his presentation, emphasized on the need to define minimum services in companies, noting that it is a complex issue.  From his experience, he recommended to ask for the necessary minimum services and not sit down to talk “starting with a high offer”, common practice between executives and union leaders until now. “Set minimum services, companies must have 100 percent of their unions in agreement. Here there is a problem, because it is not considering the different realities of each union, the place where they operate and the characteristics of the workers they represent. In addition, we have seen in many organizations that there are headless unions, that is; unions that are valid but have not operated for some time or must change their leaders”.