Government appoints Morales & Besa lawyer as the new Secretary of Labor

June 18, 2013

On Friday June 14, the government appointed our lawyer Fernando Morales & Besa Arab as the new Secretary of Labor, replacing the current Social Development Minister Bruno Baranda.

Mr. Arab who graduated from the Catholic University of Chile, has a specialization in Law and a Diploma in Labour Law and Social Security Company, also from PUC. In addition, he is an adjunct professor of labor law at this university. Arab Fernando has worked in the area of ​​labor law since 2006, and has worked as senior associate in charge of the Labor Department since 2008. In addition, he is founder and director of the Labor Academy of Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, member of the Bar Association of the Chilean Society of Labour Law and Social Security, the Chilean Center of Labour (CEDET AG) and member of the executive board of the Labor and Human Resources Committee of the Chilean American Chamber of Commerce.