Guillermo Morales on “Sustainable Opportunities: The Dynamics of Green Bonds and Social Investment” at a Latin Lawyer conference in Brazil

November 27, 2019


For the second  year in a row, our partner Guillermo Morales, was invited to participate at the “Latin Lawyer Live 2nd Annual Capital Markets Conference”, an instance that convenes the main exponents in the field at the Latin American level. Guillermo, who has led the vast majority of the legal advice on sovereign bonds of the Republic of Chile and, in particular this year, acting as legal counsel of the first two Sovereign Green Bonds, both in Chile and Latin America, was a speaker at the panel “Sustainable Opportunities: the Dynamics of Green Bonds and Social Investment”.

Our partner shared his vision and experience with Brazilian experts Pablo Gimenez (Executive Director, Relationship and Legal Administration of Suzano), Fabio Zenaro (Director of B3), and Gustavo Pimentel (Director of Sitawi, São Paulo).