Morales & Besa advised the Make-A-Wish Foundation to reach an out-of-court settlement with Mall Arauco Estación for “El Paseo de los Sueños”

July 25, 2018

Morales & Besa conducted a successful Pro Bono advisory to Make-A-Wish, who maintained a dispute with Mall Arauco Estación, owned by Parque Arauco (formerly Mall Paseo Estación), regarding the ownership of the plates that conform “El Paseo de los Sueños”. This, because since 2005, the entities did not carry out joint activities to strengthen the said infrastructure.

Thanks to the foregoing, the parties signed an out-of-court agreement whereby Make-A-Wish is fully recognized for its ownership of the property in question, with the foundation having the exclusive right to exploit and/or commercialize it. The recovery will allow creating a new project in order to continue fulfilling the dreams of thousands of children.

“El Paseo de los Sueños” was born in 2001 through the foundation’s program, “Tus manos por una sonrisa”. On occasion, artists, athletes and representatives from the world of entertainment, both nationally and internationally, were invited to stamp their hands on cement plates that were installed around two water sources at the exit of the “Estación Central” Metro station. Among those who have contributed with this initiative are Iván Zamorano, Chayanne, David Hasselhoff, Marcelo Salas, Felipe Camiroaga, Pedro Fernández, Marcelo Ríos, among many others.

Make-A-Wish is a foundation whose purpose is to give hope and happiness to children and teenagers, between three and eighteen years of age, who suffer from an illness that implies risk for their lives; or that they suffer from a medical condition that, by its nature and seriousness, implies possibilities of not surviving. One of the guidelines of the institution, is to promote in its members the interest in life.

The team of Morales & Besa that advised and sponsored Make-A-Wish in this extra-judicial management was led by associate Rebeca Zamora with the support of partner Guillermo Morales, director of the foundation.