Morales & Besa advises ABIPECS in a special proceeding (Foreign Commerce) – Safeguards on Frozen Swine Meat

October 21, 2013

We represented ABIPECS before the Chilean Price Distortion Commission in a proceeding commenced by the country’s pork producers association (ASPROCER).

ASPROCER requested the imposition of a 14.3% permanent tariff on imports of frozen pork meat, to protect the domestic meat industry. However, in a decision published on 21 October, ASPROCER’s request was deemed unwarranted.

The tariff requested by ASPROCER would have affected, mainly, American, Brazilian and Canadian exports of frozen pork meat, which are the largest exporters to Chile and have entered into free trade agreements with our country. Imports of frozen swine meat to Chile equal to 19,000 tons per year, that is, US$57 million approximately.

The team at M&B was led by Gonzalo Cordero A with associate Orlando Palomino.