Morales & Besa Diversity Committee held the third session of its “Conversations Cycle: Diversity in the labour market”

May 16, 2019


Irene Schlechter, Corporate Director of Inclusion and Diversity at Codelco, was invited as a speaker to the third sesion of  the Diversity Committee’s “Conversations Cycle: Diversity in the labour market”, regarding “Diversity and Organizational Cultural Changes” , in which she shared her vision and experience on the subject. In the instance, M&B’s friends and guests participated in a conversation focused on the challenges in connection with the subject and shared the good practices that the organizations that they represented, are implementing in this regard.

This meeting adds to the previous sessions on Public Policies on Gender Diversity: Present and Future, which took place in January 2019, and Women, Labor Scenario and Opportunities, in November 2018.

The Conversations Cycle emerged as a way to materialize a longing of the Diversity Committee to open a space to reflect and share best practices around diversity matters in the workplace, encouraging these values ​​beyond the organization itself and contributing to the discussion for the construction of an increasingly diverse and inclusive society.

comité de diversidad mayo

Appearing, from left to right:  Partners Michel Diban and Macarena Laso, speaker Irene Schlechter, Director Lorena Barrientos, and Partner Edmundo Varas.