Morales & Besa Talks: On labor reform and challenges for businesses

September 22, 2016

Fernando Arab, Labor partner at Morales & Besa, led an analysis and conversation in front of important clients on the subject Labor Reform: How to adapt to the new legislation? As part of Morales & Besa Talks program the breakfast, held in the offices of M&B on September 22, was aimed to provide tools and guidance to our clients on the following topics:

  • Expanding the coverage of collective bargaining to employees who are currently excluded.
  • Expansion of the matters covered by collective bargaining.
  • Extension of the right to information from trade unions.
  • Lack of union ownership and subsistence of negotiating groups.
  • Extension of benefits negotiated by the union.
  • Collective bargaining process.
  • Right to strike.
  • Current challenges for businesses.