Morales & Besa was established in 1992 by a group of leading professionals in corporate, finance and tax law and has since been at the forefront of the legal profession in Chile.

The firm has grown to become one of the largest and most respected firms in Chile, endowed with a uniquely qualified body of lawyers who strive to provide comprehensive legal services to clients with international business interests.

Our client base includes international or multinational companies, agencies of foreign governments and diplomatic representations of sovereign states; US and European banks, financial services companies, securities firms and a host of multinational corporations engaged in a variety of business sectors and industries such as telecommunications, oil and gas, infrastructure, energy, retailing and mining.

Banking and finance, mergers and acquisitions, securities offerings, antitrust and regulated industries, taxation, intellectual property and litigation are particular areas of expertise. We regularly advise foreign and domestic clients in all kinds of complex cross-border transactions.

We have advised several global sovereign bond issuances, capital market transactions, wrapped-bond issuances placed locally and in international capital markets.

Core Values

From the very beginning ethics, integrity, and confidentiality have been the foundation of our business. With our strong emphasis on teamwork, we expect also our employees to maintain the highest ethical standards in everything they do.

Our firm is committed to achieving effective results for our clients, who can be assured that our approach in everything we undertake is grounded in professionalism & client service. We are at the forefront of international transactions and legal development in Chile for a reason – our global outlook. Our perspective requires our lawyers to think innovatively and consider the impact on the domestic and international legal landscape when delivering unique solutions for our clients.

Client Service

At Morales & Besa we are uncompromising in our determination to achieve excellence and effective results for our clients – attested by our impressive list of longstanding clients.  Our primary goal is always to deliver on your expectations – we listen and work hard to understand what you need.

Our team knows the importance of building lasting relationships with clients and consistently aim to value add and increase client satisfaction. We offer our clients  in-depth knowledge and expertise in complex legal matters, unrivalled execution capabilities and adherence to the most exacting international standards of the legal profession.

Our clients can be confident in our strategy – we carry out rigorous analysis to detect and ascertain risks, liabilities and contingencies, as well as the advantages, efficiencies or benefits. Clients can rest assured that our focus and energy is guaranteed to be employed rationally and responsibly to ensure cost efficient results.

Diversity & Inclusion

At Morales & Besa we know that our people are at the root of our success and we believe the key ingredient to our team is diversity. We want our people to reach their full potential – we promote a merit based culture where people are recognized and rewarded for their valuable contribution to delivering excellence. We can appreciate the demands of delivering excellence every day, so we work hard to keep our people happy with an inclusive and supportive work environment. Our people know that they are valued based on merit, skill and expertise simply because to us nothing else matters.

To us diversity is such an important part of who we are and what we strive to achieve in terms of results. By bringing together a diverse and robust team for our clients we also offer perspective, innovative thinking, and creativity when creating solutions for complex matters.

Local Firm Global Outlook

Our collaborative approach with major law firms worldwide ensures we have access to a variety of ideas, approaches, skills and experience – clients can depend on us for innovative solutions. We select and recruit the best legal talent strictly on the basis of individual merit and skills. We invest in our most valuable resource: our lawyers.

A substantial part of our team are credited with graduate legal studies in major law schools in the U.S. or Europe and have worked as foreign associates. Our dynamic teams often include foreign attorneys,  we value their ability to offer not only knowledge & skills from abroad but also their perspective  – cross cultural understanding is a must in international business.

Our distinctive global outlook puts us ahead of our local contemporaries in cross border matters –

  • We were the first law firm to launch a tender offer simultaneously in Chile and the US;
  • The first to structure and place securitized certificates in the international markets;
  • We listed the ADSs and shares of stock of the largest Chilean industrial-financial conglomerate on the New York and Santiago stock exchanges;
  • We have been selected as the Republic of Chile’s special counsel in most of its Sovereign Global Bond issuances.