Criminal Law & Compliance

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Morales & Besa provides legal advice to natural and legal persons in economic crimes, tax, environmental, cybercrime, money laundering, violation of anti-corruption laws and infringements of intellectual property laws, among other special crimes, whether they are charged the commission of a crime or if they have been victims of a criminal offense.

If a person is a victim or has been charged with the commission of a crime, Morales & Besa will assume the defense of its interests, both in the investigation stage before the Ministerio Público and in the stage of Juicio Oral (oral trial) before the Courts with criminal jurisdiction.

This specialized counseling is also performed in a preventive manner for the examination and analysis of an event or background that generates a criminal contingency. Addressed the Criminal Liability that could fall on a legal person, Morales & Besa advises companies through the design and implementation of crime prevention mechanisms, anti-corruption and self-regulation programs or policies, based on the activities of each client and the risks that these represent.

We help in the diagnosis and identification of risks, proposing the implementation of controls, improvements and crime prevention mechanisms. Our consultancy undertakes the needs of companies in this field, helping to strengthen their corporate integrity in order to ensure their sustainability.

Our team also advises on due diligence processes, analyzing the Compliance and anti-corruption system of different companies, reviewing their compliance programs and their policies and control system related to the fight against corruption, money laundering and terrorism financing.

Experience in Criminal Law & Compliance