NGOs, Philanthropy and Conservation


In Morales & Besa we have a vast experience in providing advice to non-governmental organizations and other non-profit entities in their philanthropic activities in Chile and in their collaborations with foreign or international entities.  Throughout our history, we have been present in important and emblematic projects in the social, cultural and conservation fields.

Our lawyers have a remarkable ability to form the best teams our clients require to collaborate with them in their day to day activities, as well as in their new ideas, projects and endeavors.  Our NGOs, Philanthropy and Conservation Practice has a strong focus on taxes, which is essential at the time of starting up any philanthropic activity.

Our clients are non-profit entities, foundations and non-governmental organizations of the most varied fields, both Chilean and foreign or international.  Among others, we are counsel to charity entities, B corporations, educational entities, entities engaged in culture and arts activity, science and conservation of the environment and biodiversity.