Public Law


Faced with the undeniable reality that the areas in which the State regulates the activities of individuals are growing, Morales & Besa advise their clients in the relationship with the organs that are part of the State administration.

Our experience in the area of ​​public law extends to advice on administrative law, state contracting, administrative claims, regulatory processes, among others. The advice in this area seeks to prevent risks or, the resolution of disputes with the Administration.

In the administrative sanctioning field, we defend the interests of our clients to whom a legal breach is imputed or the conduct of a behavior not in accordance with the requirements of the regulated activities they execute. The defense is presented before all kinds of public bodies in proceedings in which the application of fines or other penalties for alleged infractions is pursued. contrThe representation of clients before organizations such as the Comptroller of the Republic, the Court of Public Procurement, the Financial Analysis Unit, Superintendencies, among others stand out.

Special mention requires constitutional litigation, which since the Constitutional Reform of 2005 has become a fundamental pillar in the defense of the interests of our clients, since nowadays the submission of all regulations to the Fundamental Charter, is indisputable.