Recognition Pro Bono work of Morales & Besa

March 2, 2016

For the fourth consecutive year, Morales & Besa was recognized as a “Leading Light”, according to Pro Bono survey results by Latin Lawyer in conjunction with the Cyrus R. Vance Center for International Justice Bar Association of New York.

For our team this recognition not only recognizes the work of all partners and associates who contribute their labor, knowledge and skills, but importantly reaffirms our commitment to the Pro Bono Foundation.

Other awards:
2014: Edmundo Varas was recognized in the category “Spirit Pro Bono” by the Pro Bono Foundation.
2014: Morales & Besa was recognized for its contribution to the project Orientarriendo, which is part of Pro Bono Challenge Program of the Pro Bono Foundation.
2012: Attorney at Morales & Besa was highlighted by the Pro Bono Foundation as part of the team that participated in the Pro Bono Case 2012 (Proposal for a Regulation of Intellectual Property Law).
2009: Edmundo Varas was recognized as “Outstanding Pro Bono Coordinator” for the Pro Bono Foundation.
2009: Morales & Besa was highlighted in the August issue of “Projecting Pro Bono” Cyrus R. Vance publication of the Center for International Justice, Pro Bono work
2008: Morales & Besa appears within the top 15 firms in Latin American and is ranked second nationwide in the Latin Lawyer rankings.
2008: The Pro Bono Foundation gives special recognition to Guillermo Morales for his work in consolidating the Pro Bono practice in Chile.
2007: Morales & Besa is highlighted by the Pro Bono Foundation for its commitment to pro bono work.