Stereotypes and co-responsibility workshop

April 22, 2022

Last Thursday, March 17, our team participated in an online Workshop on Stereotypes and Co-responsibility organized by the Diversity Committee of Morales & Besa in conjunction with WoomUp, a social enterprise that promotes the professional growth of women.

The workshop sought to raise awareness and visibility of unconscious biases, their impact on co-responsibility and discuss concrete techniques that will allow the team to better address the issues and challenges in this area.

Thanks to the generational differences that mark the Morales & Besa team, it was possible to establish an enriching space for conversation where the issue of co-responsibility was approached from different points of view.

For Felipe Cousiño, associate of the Financing area, these instances “are very healthy, because they lend themselves to honest conversations that increase empathy and consideration for others, and that is very good, especially in environments where the pace of work is intense. I think the mentality about how work and family are related has changed a lot, and, in my opinion, this can sometimes produce short circuits; these workshops help to process them, to put us on the same page and to help us understand each other better as a team”.

The WoomUp workshop is one of the many initiatives carried out by the Diversity Committee in order to continue fostering and promoting diversity and inclusion.

The partner of Capital Markets, Andrea Diaz, commented that “In the Diversity Committee of Morales y Besa we are always looking for the generation of new instances that allow us to make visible and reflect within the firm about issues related to diversity and inclusion. This co-responsibility workshop was an excellent opportunity for this, where we were able to learn and reflect from different perspectives about the importance of co-responsibility and its impacts”.