The Superintendency of the Environment requires information to holders of Environmental Qualification Resolutions

February 3, 2014

In order to confirm and update the records that are available, the Superintendent of the Environment (SMA) issued, Resolution No. 1,518 dated January 6, 2014, a request for information to holders of projects with Environmental Qualification Resolution (RCA). This requirement is mandatory and is an adaptation of Resolution No. 574, of October 2, 2012, which had already required information to holders of RCA. This amendment seeks to improve the information that the SMA has on projects with RCA and also align with the new Regulation System Environmental Impact Assessment, which came into force on 24 December. The update not only considers the requested information by Resolution No. 574, as the holder RUT, address, phone and email, it also requires reporting the way to enter the System of Environmental Impact Assessment (Statement or Impact Study Environmental); or regions and the communities where the project is located; type and purpose of the project; responses to requests for entry, relevance of SEIA requested of the Environmental Assessment Service; phase or project status with RCA; management act or minimal task that initiates the execution of the project; and the modifications that have suffered the RCA, among others. RCA holders should update the required information, following the steps indicates the online platform available on the website of the SMA ( Holders of RCA approved before February 28, 2014, have 15 days to upgrade, that is, until March 21, 2014, while holders RCA issued after February 28, 2014, have a within 15 working days to enter the information in the SMA, from the date of notification of the RCA. For companies that do not corroborate their information, the SMA shall be applicable data you have in your database information, without prejudice to initiate sanctions proceedings for breaching this requirement, infringement potentially serious consideration, with fines they reach up to 5,000 UTA ($ 2.5 billion) or even revocation of the RCA.